When you spot a FUCKBOY…

I don’t remember when was the last time I met any guy who was real or honest about his feelings. Obviously, I do not question all the lovies I see around me who are one step ahead in their relation hope they get hitched VERY SOON. The real relationship comes with a goal of marriage. These couples take efforts to keep that relation and work hard each day to achieve that goal.

But, I feel today’s guys go through some chemical locha in their brains. They can’t stay loyal to one girl. Guys are no more a One-woman-man material but a jumper! They Jump from one girl to another and another to many others.

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Pulse of GST

As GST gets closer, we can see the uneasiness around us. Murmurs of disappointment are getting louder. Each time one discusses GST with someone it gets more louder.

For the first time in our nation’s history, India is impatient about the rollout of the GST which will rewrite the business rules and will reduce the burden of a common man.

In a view, GST is a compliance-driven law which needs businesses to be disciplined, exact & obedient. These are some major issues SMEs have always tried to escape. The fact which horrifies each entrepreneur is that they have to file 3 returns every month. In spite of this compliance when we see the larger picture, GST is here for good. The idea behind having GST in India is to help the country’s business gain & boost the Indian economy.

Compliance might sound huge word and in a way, it might seem challenging right now. But as rightly said, change is the only constant, it is always difficult to adapt new things. Let us stretch our arms wide and embrace the power of GST.

We might get in trouble for some time, but if things turn out the way it is supposed to be it will definitely bring a huge change.

It might take a year… It might take longer… But it’s worth the wait…

When triangle approach forced to die

Most of the writers were taught to use inverted pyramid writing style. But, many of the media houses has killed the triangle approach. Most of the media houses think they need to give a big introduction, force audience to warm-up and get mentally prepared for the torture and tell them who ‘They’ are! But this is so wrong in this competitive world where Social media rules the information sector.

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This is how some Pseudo feminist troll themselves, LIKE A BOSS!

Feminism stands out to be the top impeccable social phenomena. However, feminism is often mixed with Faux feminism and is used to their own significance by most of the contemporary women. And this is why men hate and are very of opposing feminism. Women should remember that feminism is not rising above men and dominating them, but is to shell benefits in respective fields seeking equality.

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